Romantic SMS in Urdu Kissing (Lovely SMS)

Romantic SMS in Urdu Kissing (Lovely SMS)

Today I will Ready to Upload amazing and casual Romantic SMS In urdu Kissing.

You can easily Provide To your friend Girlfriend and Wife if you don’t know How to write french kiss sms in urdu Then Today I Provide below and You can easily Share copy save.

Let’s start and get the Free thousand and Hundred of good sms you can will be happy when see it.


Romantic SMS in Urdu Kissing


Romantic SMS In urdu Kissing 

2 Shoq Hai Is Dil-e-Darinda Ko,,

Aap K Hont Kaat Khany Ka.. 🙂

3 Yun na Itna Muskraya kero Tum…
Honton ko Phir Honton ki Talab ho Jati Hai..!
4 Qualities Of KISSES..

Sweetest Kiss: On Forehead.
Loveliest Kiss: On Cheeks.
Most Romantic Kiss: On Lips.
And The Hottest Kiss Is:
On The Bike’s Silencer After It Has Run 100km.


5 “Jo Pappi De Us Ki Pappi Lelo Aur
Jo Pappi Na De Us Ki Zabardasti Lelo..
Imran Hashmi.. :-DHahhaha
6 Kissing Is Natural Phenomena
Happens When Two Lips Acts
With Equal Efforts in Different Direction. 🙂
7 Sweetest Kiss= Sar Per.

Lovliest Kiss= Galon Per.

Romantic Kiss= Honto Per.
The Hottest Kiss= Bike K Silencer Per.. 🙂
Try Kero Kyun K,,



8 Log Ishq Me Kese Lab Se Lab Mila Lete Hen,,

Hamari To Un Se Nazren Mil Jaen To Hosh Nahi Rehta..!

9 (‘V’) (‘V’)
(( )) (( ))
-“–“- “-“-“-Janu Come Close To Me..(‘V’)<‘ )
(( ))(/ /)-
Kiss On Your Chubby Cheeks( ”><” )
(( ))(/ /)-
Kiss On Your Rosy Lips. :-)I Love U..
10 If “Muah” Is A “Kiss”,,,
“KalMuah” Is
“Promise” To Kiss Tomorrow.. :-DHahhaha

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hot kissing poetry in urdu

2 Kissing is the best Practice for Lips.

It keeps the Lips:
Wet, Soft, Flexible and Reddish Pink.

So always keep Kissing.
Sweet Children Only…;-p


3 Chheen Ker Hathon se Cigarette,
Wo Kuch Is Andaz Me Boli..:Kami Kiya Hai In Honton Me,
Jo Tum Gold Leaf pe Marty ho..;-)
4 Sensible Lines By A Smoker To His Girlfrnd:

” If you don’t wanna See me Smoking,
then you Better find Other Ways
to Keep My Lips Busy”..;-p 😉


5 Kissing is the Best Practice 4 Lips,

It keeps the Lips Wet,
soft, Flexible and Reddish Pink,
So always Keep Kissing To Sweet Children Only..;-)

6 Confidence or Over Confidence me kya Farq hai?

Aap apni Girlfrnd ko Kiss kar sakte hen,
That’s Confidence..

Sirf or Sirf Aap hi kar sakte hen,
That’s Over Confidence…;-)

7 Us K “Honton” Ko Chooma To Ehsas Hua,
Ik Paani Hi Zaruri Nahi Piyas Bhujane K Liye..!
8 Bhikhari ne Aawaz lagai:
Babu ji Roti Milegi?
Andar se awaz aai:
Biwi Ghar par Nahi hai..
Bhikhari: Chumma Nahi Manga h Saale,
Roti to Tu bhi de sakta Hai…;-pHahahhaa
9 Never KISS a Lady Police,
She will say, Hands up.Never KISS a Lady Doctor,
She will say, Next Please.Always KISS a Lady Teacher,
She will say, Repeat it 5 Times…;-);p
10 Kiss is not like Nokia = Connecting People,
Kiss is not like Nike = Just Do It,
Kiss is not like Pepsi = Yeh Dil Maange More,
But Kiss is like Pan Parag = Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga..;-p

You need in urdu but i also upload in English you can send the Kissing sms in english.


lips sms

2 Benefits of Kissing :
Changes taste,
Burns Calories,
Lips never go dry,
Relieves Stress,
Makes face muscles strong,
3 Kiss kisi ki mahfil main,
Kiss kisi kiss kisi ko kiss kiya.
Ek hum hai jis ne her kiss ko…
4 You made my day beautiful with your wishes I thank you with lot of Hugs and Kisses! Thank you once again! Have a…
5 Kiss Definition in Physics..
“Kiss is the Process of Charging up Human Bodies”Kiss Definition in Computer..
“Like Bodies are Connected without any DATA CABLE”..;-p:)Hehehe
6 Zuban Pe Bar-e-Khudaya Ye Kis Ka Naam Aaya
K Mere Nutq Ne Bosa Mere Zuban Ke Liye
7 Us Lab Se Mil Hi Jayega Bosa Kabhi To Haan
Shauq-e-Fuzul O Jurat-e-Rindana Chahiye
8 Gira Jo Un K Honto Py Barish Ka Aik Qatra .
hum Ny Rehmat Samjh Kar Un K Honto Ko Choom Lia
9 Kiss Me And you Will See Stars

Kiss Me And you Will See Stars ….

Love Me And I Will Give Them To you.

10 Yun Hi Na Tum Had Se Ziada Muskuraya Karo,,
,Honton Ko Honton Ki Talab Ho Jati Hai Phir…!!

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