Urdu Poetry About Death (Top 20)

Urdu Poetry About Death (Top 20)

Here is so discouraging to have you here on this post as you are in the downturn and trouble of an enjoyed individual who is no further with you. Even though it is harsh, demise is the eventual reality.

Subsequently, you are appearing to see some Death Urdu Poetry or offer someone else who needs it to make his/her issue calm down.

Urdu Poetry About Death

You would more be able to get this Death Poetry distributed and share with individuals for fondness.
At whatever point somebody leaves the world, their relatives become tragic and sad.

The Maut Shayari in Urdu are just for the individuals who need to recall their dearest who kicked the bucket.
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Maut Shayari in Urdu in Pakistan and India.


1:  Bat Sidhi Haa Magar


urdu poetry about death


2: Muja Azad Karo

Muja Azad Karo

No 3 :


                          Aye ‘DarD’ TujHy ALwiDaa…
Wo DekHo Mout Meri Mulaqaat Pe Ai Hai…!


No 4 :


ہر اک خواہش ہر تمنا کو خاک لکھ رہی ہوں

میں تیری محبت کو طلاق لکھ رہی ہوں


NO 5:



Kal Par Hi Rakho Wafa Ki Batain

Main Aaj Bohat Bhuja Hoa Hon


No 6 :


qaid-e-hayāt o band-e-ġham asl meñ donoñ ek haiñ

maut se pahle aadmī ġham se najāt paa.e kyuuñ

No 7 :

Death Poetry Urdu


death poetry urdu


No 9 :


Sitaron Se Uljata Ja Raha Hun
Shab Farqat Bohat Gabrha Raha Hun


No 10 :


urdu poetry about death in pakistan


No 11 :


Logo sa nahi banti


No 12 :


عصمت جو بچ سکے نہ کچھ رہتا نہیں باقی
میں جھوٹی لذتوں کو ناپاک لکھ رہی ہوں
میری بہنوں بچ کے رہنا نہ زندہ لاش ہونا
یہ معاشرہ ہے کتنا سفاک لکھ رہی ہوں


Father Death Poetry in Urdu


father death poetry in urdu


father death poetry in urdu


father death poetry in urdu

Mera marna sa kia ho ga

Last Ghazal in English For Sisters :


Every wish I have is writing down every wish
I am writing your love divorce
Take away the funeral of centuries of meaningless fellowship
I am rebellious writing with love
In the name of love, these are the deceit of the ignorant
I am writing lessons for genocide
Why are happy color butterflies on the hairpin
Why is writing endless?
Rape that could not survive nor anything left
I am writing unclean lies
Living with my sisters, not being a dead body
This is how much of a society I am writing

Note: This song is written in Sagittarius for Sisters while the creation is by Mohammad Athar Tahir

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