French Kiss Sms in Urdu (Kiss Sms in English)

hello Guys Welcome Our page today I’m Share Publish the amazing French Kiss Sms In Urdu also Kiss Sms in English.Β  I give you Felicitate Because you are very Lucky Person you are Coming on UrduSMS, Let’s start and get the Free romantic good night kiss sms in urdu, and More increadible SMS.

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French Kiss Sms in Urdu

I publish already Romantic Kiss sms, Now get The More French Kiss which you touch the other lips πŸ€—.

check below the best 20 French Kiss.

Kissing is the best Practice for Lips.

It keeps the Lips:
Wet, Soft, Flexible and Reddish Pink.

So always keep Kissing.
Sweet Children Only…;-p


Chome lon hont Tary.

Bs yahi akhre khawahish hai

Pas Ao kay chome kr tairy Hont apna krlo.


pher tun bs mre rahy kse aor ki na ho

Chheen Ker Hathon se Cigarette,
Wo Kuch Is Andaz Me Boli..:Kami Kiya Hai In Honton Me,
Jo Tum Gold Leaf pe Marty ho..;-) 😍😍😍😍
dard Honto ka km nhi hota.

hont laga kr apny Km to kro 😜😜😜

Pahly Hont Chomty thy

ab kiun nhi zahir lagty ha kiaπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Sensible Lines By A Smoker To His Girlfrnd:

” If you don’t wanna See me Smoking,
then you Better find Other Ways
to Keep My Lips Busy”..;-p πŸ˜‰


Cheer Do mAiry Honto ko


jub sajan chomta nhi kis kaam kay

Confidence or Over Confidence me kya Farq hai?

Aap apni Girlfrnd ko Kiss kar sakte hen,
That’s Confidence..

Sirf or Sirf Aap hi kar sakte hen,
That’s Over Confidence…;-)

Us K “Honton” Ko Chooma To Ehsas Hua,
Ik Paani Hi Zaruri Nahi Piyas Bhujane K Liye..!
Bhikhari ne Aawaz lagai:
Babu ji Roti Milegi?
Andar se awaz aai:
Biwi Ghar par Nahi hai..
Bhikhari: Chumma Nahi Manga h Saale,
Roti to Tu bhi de sakta Hai…;-pHahahhaa
Never KISS a Lady Police,
She will say, Hands up.Never KISS a Lady Doctor,
She will say, Next Please.Always KISS a Lady Teacher,
She will say, Repeat it 5 Times…;-);p
dard Hai Honto main.

Chome kr Km to krdo.

Kiss is not like Nokia = Connecting People,
Kiss is not like Nike = Just Do It,
Kiss is not like Pepsi = Yeh Dil Maange More,
But Kiss is like Pan Parag = Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga..;-pπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Kiss Definition in Physics..
β€œKiss is the Process of Charging up Human Bodies”Kiss Definition in Computer..
β€œLike Bodies are Connected without any DATA CABLE”..;-p:)Hehehe
Honto ko honto say milao.


aor upr say alfi lagao

A Biker Stops a Young Girl who’s Just about to Jump Off a Bridge.

He asks Her : Do U Mind giving Me the Final Kiss before U Jump??

She Quietly accepted & gave Him One of the Deepest Kiss over.

When She Finished, He said :

“Wow, This is the Best Kiss I ever had.

That’s a real Talent U R wasting.

Why R U committing Suicide??


She Replied : .



My Parents don’t like me Dressing up Like a Girl,

Bcoz My name is BASHEER….;-p πŸ™‚

Girl Friend
Girlfriend K Honton perShehad Laga ker Kiss ki Jaye ToGulabJaman ka Maza aaye ga,AurKhansi Bhi Theek ho Jaye gi…;-pDr. Imran Hashmi Kissyology
Nurse to Doctor : Sir aap ki Wife aap ko

Fone per Kiss kerna chahti hen.

Doctor : Me busy hun, Tum receive kerlo,

Me tum se le lun ga…;-p πŸ™‚

Dulha ny Dulhan ki sari raat kissing ki aur kuch bhi

nahi kiya,

Subha dulha ka baap bola : Naha lo Bata.

Dulhan jal ker boli : In ko sirf


kerwa den…:-O:-D

Get these hot kissing poetry in urdu,Β  share with the friend and also i m upload romantic kiss sms for girlfriend, i update always more in this page.

This is the lips funny sms in urdu.

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