Heart Touching Story in English A Grils

Bhateri was the third child after two girls of his laboring parents. Unhappy over the birth of three girls, her father named her Bhateri. Gayatha | Batheri meant “many” and Bathery’s parents no longer wanted Chothi Lakdki. Well, the name “Bhateri” became meaningful after that a boy was born. But Bhateri was still a burden. When Bhateri was six years old, his father died. After the death of his father, now his mother Vimla and grandmother Rajjo were at home who were taking care of these four siblings.

Bhateri’s grandmother Rajjo still had more grief than the death of her son, that Bhateri’s father had left three girls behind him. She often used to say, “I have attained salvation myself…. Now I know my calling will be tall, God will give me freedom from these men”.

Because of the fact that Bhateri was a girl, her whole life was hatred and misbehavior of her family and after the death of the right husband, Bherri’s mother Vimala also became inferior. He too could not see the responsibility of his three daughters as a burden.

When Bhateri turned 12, she developed blood cancer. The doctor said that a lot of money will also be incurred and someone from the family will have to give his / her kidney. The doctor had clearly said that there would be no threat to the life of the giver. As soon as the news of the 12-year-old girl’s blood cancer came to the villagers, the villagers felt heartbroken for the bhateri. Seeing the financial condition of the house, the villagers decided to bear the entire cost of treating Bhateri. But here the problem was not about money, rural society is still an emotional society, there were many people who were willing to spend money for the treatment of Bhateri. But for this burden no one in the family was ready to give the marrow of his body. Today, Bhateri’s 65-year-old grandmother also finds the remaining few years of her life more valuable than Bhateri’s life. She was a girl, so her life was a burden for her family.

Khateri was dead today due to her illness. There were many people at home. Everyone was tying Bhateri’s mother and grandmother, and cursing their poverty. Today the face of the dead bathery was calm. She was justified in her life, her family’s misbehavior, and after some time she was suffering from illness… .. but today she seemed calm.

What would have been his wish in the end time?

He was once heard saying, “Mother is born in different forms after dying man .. dog, worm, rat or dangar (pet).” Mother, I will become a danger or a worm, but do not become a man. “See, animals do not know, what boy is in their child, which girl is a girl … Men know that you know the difference”.

Her child-friendly mind could not counteract this instinct of human beings, but she could definitely feel the hatred she had seen for herself throughout her life.
Perhaps God will fulfill her last wish… she will give birth in animal cunt, not human.

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